The Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0) is an era where new advance technologies are invented to reduce the boundaries between physical and digital systems. These technologies comprise robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and many more are emerging at dizzying speed. Applying them will result in the characteristics of industries and business become smart.  Realizing the significance of these technologies, a unit namely Robotic, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data (RIB) is established in Smart Manufacturing Research Institute (SMRI).  The unit mainly focuses on research and development activities in the said technologies. The knowledge gains from the activities are shared through training and consultation. Besides, the RIB unit is actively collaborating with industries to expand and explore new opportunities for the use of these technologies.  


The unit is responsible for enhancing Research and Development (R&D) activities in line with IR4.0 technology. However, the units at present only focus to three of nine pillars of IR4.0 namely autonomous robot, IoT and Big Data.


In autonomous robot, the R&D activities areas are Mobile Robot, Autonomous Control, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM). 


As for IoT, the unit actively carries out R&D efforts in Smartphone Apps, Web-Based System, Cyber Security and Computer Networking


Lastly, in Big Data areas, this unit concentrates to Data Mining, Data Management, Predictive Technique and Security Computing


Besides that, this unit is dedicated to works with other units in SMRI, industries, private sectors, government organization and other institutions to explore new research areas and project opportunities.   


The unit does provide consultation service that related to autonomous robot, IoT and Big Data areas. With our niche experience, knowledge, skills and problem-solving abilities, we can provide valuable advice and expert service for our client. This also includes work that requires to design and develop a new device or system. A reasonable fee will be charged according to an agreement between SMRI and client which is subject to university guidelines.


With the benefit of R&D activities in autonomous robot, IoT and Big Data areas, the RIB unit has the expertise to provide several training courses. These courses will be conducted in SMRI since the facilities are technologically-advanced, comfortable, aesthetically-pleasing, and accessible. Every course should be interesting in such a way that it tries to add to the standard exercises of lecturing and practical works. Participants will be introduced about fundamental theory of the respective areas and then embark into the concept of designing and development of a system or device. The unit also plans to work together with several established industries and government bodies so that at the end of the course, the participant can be acknowledged as a certified practitioner.

Facilities & Expertise

  • Artificial Intelligence Lab.
  • Robotics Lab.
  • Internet of Things and Big Data Lab.
  • 5 Units of 3D Printers
  • 2 units PCB Etching Machine
  • 1 unit PCB CNC Drilling Machine
  • 1 unit PCB UV Machine
  •  2 units Workbench Drilling Machine
  • 2 units Workbench Rotary Saw
  • 3 units Mini Drilling Machine
  • 1 unit MIG Welding Machine
  • 1 unit TIG Welding Machine

  • Automation & Mechatronics
  • Robotics: Autonomous Robot, Mobile Robot, Autonomous Control, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things: Smartphone Apps, Web-Based System, Cyber Security and Computer Networking
  • Big Data: Data Mining, Data Management, Predictive Technique and Security Computing

  • Design And Development Of Adaptive Control And Navigation System For Urban Intelligent Mobile Autonomous Vehicle (UiTM-AV1)
  • Optimization Of Traffic Conditions In Urban Networks Based On Microscopic Traffic Predictions
  • A Study On Effectiveness Of Augmented Blind Spot Detection (Bsd) Using Radar And Vision-Based Detection (Vbd) For Better Motorcyclist Safety (Ms) 
  • Least Squares Model For Localization Error Estimation In Low-Cost RTK-GNSS Operating Under Short Baseline And Clear-Sky Conditions
  • Real- Time Feature Extraction Mapping Technique With Low Attitude Sensor Fusion Conditions
  • Items Identification System (IIDES) for Blind People Using Wireless Technology
  • Human Breathe Simulator System
  • Wireless ECG Monitoring System
  • 16-Channel Analogue Data Logger System
  • Torque Meter Data Monitoring and Acquisition System.
  • Electricity Access and Management System Using RTC and NFC Technologies 
  • Design, Fabrication, Delivery, Installation And Commissioning And A Fully Automated System Of Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA)
  • Real-Time Adaptive Trajectory Correction Algorithm for Autonomous UAV Navigation to Optimize Pesticides Spraying Application in Paddy Field 
  • Implementation of Microcontroller Technology for Automate Hydroponic Approach in Vegetable Cultivation for Easy Technology Solution
  • Automated Akok Bakery System