Unit 4

Lean Kaizen & Reliability Engineering

Let’s facilitate the agenda for developing Kaizen improvement projects for a lean transformation within your organization.

With strong team of vast experiences in lean, quality and reliability engineering, we are ready to offer varieties of strategic decisions and operational practices that can impact on value-stream performance.

The Lean Kaizen & Reliability Engineering unit focuses on the principles behind lean manufacturing and approaches used to ensure quality in the manufacturing context in terms of eliminating waste as well as improving productivity with reliability engineering principles.

Lean Kaizen is a methodology that eliminates waste and boosts efficiency. Intense competition among manufacturers has grown and increased significantly. Uncertain demand situation as well as dynamic consumer expectations have pressured manufacturer to seek systematic and efficient technique in handing the environment. The new challenge has reacted many global manufacturers to adopt lean manufacturing principles and tools.

This unit will focus on achieving smart manufacturing and smart operational services with the application of IR4.0 principles incorporated with systematic application of time-honored reliability engineering principles and techniques throughout a product and process lifecycle.

There are a number of reasons why reliability is an important product and process attribute, including:








Our Goals

• Provide training programs that suit the need for achieving optimum productivity by implementing kaizen in lean manufacturing and reliability engineering principles.

• Focus on lean principles, quality improvement as well as reliability engineering analysis in the development of production plans, factory layouts, and manufacturing processes throughout the entire value chain.

Our Strategies

• Create a pool of master trainers in lean kaizen manufacturing and reliability engineering from the industry and academia who can provide the recommended solutions regarding best practice and measurement of performance improvement.

• Promote customized training programs and consultancy projects, which may lead to comprehension and improvement of key business processes through quality, kaizen productivity and reliability engineering initiatives.

Our Initiatives

• Promote research and industrial collaboration on lean, quality and reliability engineering not only on manufacturing but also on healthcare, education, and administration.

• Working together with Malaysia Automotive Robotics and IoT Institute, Kaizen Institute and Malaysia Productivity Corporation in lean, quality and reliability engineering.

• Provide professional short courses and certification as lean, quality and reliability engineering practitioners.


With a pool of master trainers of vast experiences between lean, quality, statistical analysis and reliability engineering through Lean Six Sigma, the consultant team will ensure to showcase best practices in the use of lean, quality as well as reliability engineering tools and methodologies. ‘Kaizen design’ a process and manufacturing layout for the production effectively using lean, quality principles and approaches, can reduce lean waste and quality issues.


This unit offers lean kaizen, quality and reliability engineering training programs within the application of the tools, techniques, and methodologies such as Kaizen, 5S, Kanban, Value Stream Mapping, one-piece flow, Poke Yoke, Andon, Takt Time, SMED and many more. The training programs can be customized to suits the needs via on-site delivery of lectures, talks, or seminars that explain how to utilize lean, quality and reliability engineering tools and methodologies that contribute to improving the productivity within the business. The ideal place for training is on-site in which first-hand of the application of the tools, techniques, and methodologies can be put in practice immediately.

Research Projects

- Digital Unmanned Factory with Augmented Reality Application.

- Lean Karakuri Assembly Line.

- Improvement of Operation Theatre Efficiency with lean healthcare team.

- Production levelling system implementation at mixed model product with heterogeneous cycle time for single

operation line.

- Improvement in Small Press Line through Line Balancing.

- Improvement of Work Site Control for Storage Area.

- Development of Material Information Flow Control.

- Improvement of Overall Efficiency of Production Line by Using Line Balancing.

- Improvements of Worksite Control for Pull System.

- Integrated Lean Quality and Environment Management System.



PhD and MSc research project vacancies are available. Enquiries: noorazlinamohdsalleh@uitm.edu.my