The Transport and Infrastructure (TI) unit focuses on transportation, consisting of roads, railways, airways and waterway in the most general sense as the transport of human and commodities. However, owing to the current niche of Railway Engineering and Track Infrastructure, more research, consultancy and training were focused in the said area. Nevertheless, priority for other means of transportation will be embedded in the Unit’s team from time to time. In Malaysia, the speed, the scale and the scope of development is unprecedented.  


TI is dedicated to scientific research, primarily on contract research with local railway industries and transportation entities. TI unit provide laboratory testing for bogies and underframes to determine maximum stress, strain and deflections. Apart from that, the unit provide laboratory testing for both the static and dynamic testing of rail and sleepers. TI unit is dedicated to work internally with other SMRI units to employ greater multi task technical skills needed for certain research projects.


TI unit team members are sought by the regulators, consultants and contractors in the transportation industry to provide ad-hoc consultancy and paid consultancy in regards to feasibility studies and design of railway track and infrastructure. TI unit provides consultancy on the selection and specification of material and etc for local companies. Most of the consultancy comes in the form of Consultancy report for testing and specifications.


TI unit provides state-of-the-art training encompassing IR 4.0 and latest software tools bespoke for the need of clients. Nevertheless, many in house training was provided for general public to garner greater, knowledge in transportation and infrastructure. More training in terms of one day courses, conferences, training and workshops are held in timely manner and notified in the main SMRI website. 

Facilities & Expertise

  • Advanced Civil Engineering Materials Research Laboratory.
  • High-Performance Materials, Sensors, and Structures for Next Generation Infrastructure.
  • Computational Structural Simulation Laboratory.
  • Geotechnical Engineering Facilities.
  • Pavement Research Facilities.
  • Structural Engineering Laboratory Facilities.


  • Static and Dynamic testing for railway concrete sleepers and bearers.
  • Research & development needs of the railway with joint partnership with Industries.

  • Fundamental and Professional training of technical know-how for railway related matters.
  • Case study for advancing research in the context of Malaysian Railway Integrated Systems
  • FEA ABAQUS and structural analysis to determine the maximum stress and strains for rail joints, bogie frames and underframes.
  • Research into material integrity and performance based new material.
  • Test results for material properties, design robustness, product safety and manufacturing quality.
  • Failure analysis during research and development or after operational incidents.
  •  Academia related programs for the needs of Railway Academy and Industry. 


  • Data Collection and Analysis.
  • Traffic Model Proposal.
  • Formulation of New Toll Rate Proposal.
  • Submission to Securities Commission Malaysia.